Capacity Building

The skills you have today are probably not the skills you’ll need to make your organization successful in the future. We can help. From one-on-one mentoring, to lectures, to full interactive educational programs, Irish Rose Consulting can help you to address your skills shortage. We’ll work with you to design a program that can directly address your needs.

Community Development

It’s not easy to build a successful community or organization. We can help. Irish Rose Consulting’s people have years of experience in creating and sustaining strong communities and organizations. We can offer an outside assessment of the state of your community. Do you have projects in mind but lack resources? Do you need help supporting vulnerable populations in your community? Do you need help in bringing people together behind common goals? We can help structure programs that can help you achieve your goals.

Strategic Planning

Having trouble figuring out where your community or organization is going? We can help. In today’s rapidly-changing world, many people feel that long-term planning is no longer relevant. We feel it’s critical to take time to plan for the future so that you won’t be overwhelmed by the present. We can facilitate a full strategic planning process focused on both near-term and long-term goals. Our emphasis is on plans that can be executed so that your organization can truly deal with change.

Grant Writing

Searching for resources to accomplish your goals? We can help. Our grant writers have worked with organizations and educational institutions to seek and win grant funding. With over $XXX,000 secured, we can help you locate the grants you need and write successful applications.

Program Evaluation

Have you implemented a change program in your community but don’t know if it’s accomplishing your goal? We can help. We can offer an unbiased outside evaluation of your program. We perform qualitative and quantitative program evaluations, and can work with your funders to ensure their goals are accomplished as well.

Irish Rose Consulting also provides technology services. Check out our technology consulting services web site for more information.

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